Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Not only do we deal with humans but we also have to deal with dead trees on the property. Although, getting rid of trees is a lot more fun.

The backhoe driver called in and again the other guy that I work with jumped at the opportunity to operate it. Saying that he would do a much quicker job of it. I bit my tongue! I was irritated but I knew that if I wait him out like I did when he drove the dump truck, that the boss would cease to let him operate the backhoe as well.
Sure enough he made us look like fools in front of people witnessing. I was just glad my boss was watching because it was a little embarrassing.

It was little things like he tried to use the front bucket to lower the vault into a double depth hole. We would have to use the arm of the backhoe or we would need a longer chain?
In the process he built up a dirt ledge doing it that way to where he had to dig it out again.
Then he didn't position himself correctly to where the arm could not take the weight. So he was picking it up, then down, up then down, over and over.
Finally when he was covering it up there wasn't enough dirt by a couple loads!
I tried to tell him. But he didn't want to listen?

But it was the backhoe drivers fault not ours. Still embarrassing because the people don't necessarily know that.
Anyways the boss told me just after that I was to operate the backhoe when the main backhoe operator was not around.
I was glad to hear it.


Blogger whenn said...

This is so funny!
Maybe you must publish your stories in a book or something! :)

5:25 AM  

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