Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My boss picked up # block's without me even mentioning it? I guess he's going to get more too.
I'll be busy for a while with that.

We have to do a disinterment (1.To dig up, as from a grave 2. To bring to light)tomorrow and then again on tuesday of next week.
One is being moved to a different area in our cemetery. The other is going up State Michigan somewhere.
I believe tomorrows has been deceased sine 1986!
Things we have to consider are, if they were buried in only a casket, or even possibly in a bottomless vault?
We do not use bottomless vaults anymore.
But that could complicate things...
No one knows because none of us were working there at the time?The only way to find out is to carefully dig down to it.

Then act almost like archaeologist to keep everything intact?
(kind of a stretch for lack of a better way to explain?)
It's a slow process sometimes though...
Not knowing the details of how he or she was buried, is a little nerve racking.
I'm one of those people, who would rather know before I begin, exactly what I'm getting into?


Blogger whenn said...

Oh goodness... sounds freaky man!
good luck to you!

6:18 AM  

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