Sunday, June 17, 2007

I felt like I was in charge of everything Saturday. Which wasn't anything bad, just felt like I was in control of things and they were going my way. The flower lady and a seasonal were the help we needed this particular Saturday. Two guys had the day off.
Everything went smoothly. Even with a family witnessing. The untimely death of a 29 year old male. We expected them to be late, a big turnout and to witness. Sure enough, most of them did witness.
I'am now used to it but the seasonal guy made sure that I drive, when I asked if he wanted to drive the hearse. He said he would be a little nervous with all the people around. I always offer whoever I'm with, whatever they might prefer to do is fine with me.
While we were burying the 29 year old it got me to thinking that he is not even a year older than me. Weird to think about things like that?

The disinterment went well though. Nothing went wrong. I'll have to see though on Tuesday. The other one might be more difficult?


Blogger whenn said...

*whenn laughs at the seasonal guy*
I think I would've asked you to drive too!

8:10 AM  

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