Monday, July 09, 2007

Today a family was irate because we buried a person while they were signing papers and no one told us they were supposed to witness.
That would be the fault of a certain person in the office.
It was frustrating.
The family showed up at 1:45 pm.
We were not scheduled to do any burials today?
(Occasionally we get a surprise burial)
That would be the funeral home and or the sales persons fault. We were just doing our job. I explained to the people that we did not know. He claimed he told someone?
Then when the salesman showed up, it was his turn to explain to these people what happened. I had to finish dumping dirt after the yelling was done. I was waiting for the guy to hit someone, but he didn't.After I was finished dumping the dirt, I was pulling out as they were driving by and they stopped and told me that they do not blame me or the grounds crew.
They blame the office.

Apparently I got my point across to them. For that I was relieved.

Being behind them on the way back they headed towards the office to complain some more.
But I heard nothing more of it.
I'm just glad the day is over.


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