Sunday, May 27, 2007

I noticed this chain in the grave while Kenny was digging?(weird)

My job is to make sure the hole is big enough for the deceased. The hand signals I have to give, I try to keep simplistic for him to understand what I mean.
He's very good at knowing what I'm trying to signal, without saying anything.

Communication is key...

Tomorrow is Memorial day. Finally! I'm told it's a day where mostly the grounds crew there, will help people find locations of the people buried there.
It's kind of a big deal at our particular Graveyard. A lot of people come.

I thought of it before, but my mission is to get # blocks everywhere there isn't one already?
It's not hard to find certain graves,(Especially when they don't have a tombstone) but without the #'s it does make it more difficult.
From whoever worked there before, must have dug the #'s up, or they sank into the ground.
But if I'am successful it will be easier on every one next year.


Blogger whenn said...

Seems like you're always the one making everyone else's life less difficult. :) You have such a big heart. It's wonderful.

P.S How weird is that chain??

11:25 PM  

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