Tuesday, February 06, 2007

We had a surprise burial today(on top of 2 others) and had less than hour to prepare. Which we as the ground crew could have made a big deal out of it, but it's just not worth it. The more we cause a rukus the more corporate comes around to see how were doing. Because actually, we should have a 24 hour or more notice before burials.
We pulled it off without much problem and had time to spare. So not a big deal at all.
Another thing happened to me in particular. The office makes out a flag sheet(where the location of the burial will be) for us to measure and check if anyone is there. Then we of course flag it.
Well this guy gave me a flag sheet. Luckily it has a deadline for when it needs to be done. This one didn't need to be done until tomorrow. He wanted it to be done that day but did not specify to me on when. I assumed I'd get it done in the morning. He was supposed to show a family member the location that day. Since I didn't flag it he couldn't find it. He told my boss which in turn I pointed out the due date in which it supposedly needed to be done the next day. So I got in no trouble over it. All he had to do, is tell me that he needed it to be done sooner, and of course I would have done it without question. I guess he knows now?
One of my co-workers got into a car accident yesterday and will be out for few days. It turns out he's okay but a little banged up and he's car is not operational. So we'll have to do without him for a few days.
Long day. I'm glad it's over.


Blogger whenn said...

I just wanted to say once more how interesting I find your photographs. Maybe you should try Wordless Wednesday? Or something like that.

Don't worry about your boss. You are right. If he wanted it done earlier, he should have said so! :)

mmmm, sorry for rambling :\

8:21 AM  

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