Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I may see things out of the corner of my eye at the graveyard sometimes. But that, I can easily dismiss, and there's nothing that I can actually confirm of there being a real ghost yet.
Of course, I have no conclusive evidence. But this below is a true story to my recollection. Keep in mind that no one else was home and it took place where the nearest neighbor was about 4 acres away...

Back when I was 16, I was laying on my left side in my bed with my eyes closed, and my back was toward the door. About ten minutes of this(because I do have a slight case of insomnia, sometimes it can take up to 3-4 hours to fall asleep) I suddenly heard someone or something open my door. I automatically froze. I did not even want to look. Whatever it was I felt a presence there in my room with me. Now, I cannot say for sure if it was a ghost or even an alien.
But I was frozen in terror listening as it drew closer to my bed and myself. Then the weirdest thing happened, I felt something grasp onto my legs, near my ankles. Not hard, but almost gently? Then suddenly it let go like it decided not to do anything to me and I heard it leave the room as the door closed softly behind it. It left a lot quicker than it came in that's for sure. I was so freaked out, I thought it was probably an alien at first. But when I told a couple close friends they said instantly that maybe it was a ghost?

I never felt too comfortable talking about it until now. You may think this is too crazy to believe and for those of you who think that, I really don't blame ya.
If I heard this story I would probably think of some kind of logic behind it. Like why does it have to be an alien or a ghost? Why couldn't it be a human? It makes no sense. Why would it grasp my ankles and only my ankles? Only then to leave.

Weird even to me?



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