Monday, January 29, 2007

Dinner Time?
It was time to eat so I was told to get my brother. I was 14 when this happened. We had a upstairs and a downstairs. When I turned the corner facing the stairs to go up about twenty feet away. I saw what appeared to be my brother, wearing the same old flannel he always wore at the time running up the stairs. So I went up stairs and he was no where to be found. When I made my way back downstairs he was sitting at the dinner table. I asked him if he had gone upstairs and he looked confused saying he never ventured upstairs. At first I thought he may be playing a trick on me?

But he keep on insisting he never went upstairs...


Blogger whenn said...

Oh that is sooo freaky!
Here's a site I think you'll find very interesting:
Um, I think it gets cut off at the end of the adress, so just to be sure, the link should end with 'Holographic-Universe.htm
(It's quite alot of reading, though)

Here's another one:

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