Thursday, January 25, 2007

One of the graveyard's(they won't tell us who) screwed up, and people waited too long for the workers to pick up the body to bury them. So sure enough they complained. So today we got to use walkie talkies to communicate and know when to leave, or if there witnessing, or whatever we need to say.
At first I thought they might be a burden and it may possibly turn out that way. But instead we had a lot of fun going back and fourth towards each other. We all got nicknames and mine of course ended up being what they already started calling me. "pickitypaul"
I don't mind the nickname. I kind of like it. Plus I don't think I could stop them if I wanted to. They would probably say it all the time if I mentioned that I didn't like it.
It was cold and a pretty rough day. But for all the fun we had it was a good day.


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