Saturday, January 20, 2007

I had to work today on a Saturday. Not too unusual but it was a little crazy. This particular Saturday we had a burial that was previously bought. The only problem was, that on both sides family members were buried. This usually wouldn't be a problem, except someone in the past buried the two and one of the vaults were crooked. It was placed years ago and wasn't lined up straight like it was supposed to. When they're not straight it makes it more difficult. There wasn't much room to place the latest person that has passed. Which had to be in between the two.
First we had to change the bucket on the backhoe because it couldn't fit between the two vaults. So we put on a smaller bucket on to dig with. That was quite the ordeal let me tell ya because the bucket that was on there that we always use, didn't want to come off. Anyways, the side of the vaults which you have to realize that in the past they used bottomless vaults.(I heard it was a Jewish thing) So it ended up breaking on one side and falling into the spot were we were supposed to put the new vault. So the backhoe driver had to use the bucket part of it to hold up the side of the vault. Then we put in stakes to hold the side of the one vault and then lower the new one in. To begin with there was only centimeters of room to work with. So of course the stake held it up but the stake then was in the way of lowering it in. Luckily it was heavy enough to push down the stake and rest in between to their loved ones.
Of course everything worked out it always does.

One last thing... Thank you Whenn for convincing me to continue on The Graveyard blog. You inspired me to go on,
and you sound very nice.

These two pics above are from the graveyard as well as the one below.


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