Thursday, July 10, 2008

The new system is not working everyone says.
(Exit from Mt. Hope last year when they were fixing the sidewalk)

There was a woman upset today when their family showed up 15 minutes early. The set up was put near the garden of trinity, but without a tent. Because the tents that people paid for, were being used at two other areas. The next funeral complained about seeing a casket in the open set up with no tent where her father was going to be. They had been to Mt. Hope before and used a tent. The casket would have been gone if they hadn't shown up early. We had 5 burials today and all took a lot longer because of the new system. Another family was waiting for us and stuck around worried about flowers. I had to give a guy a ride to the burial in the back of the park because he used the bathroom and they left him there, he must of said he would walk?
Brad operated the backhoe today, even though I'm pretty sure it was my turn to dig.
He ended up having to stay later than everyone else.
Had a little problem putting the casket into the back of the hearse. It sat on a rolling casket device which is made to stay on the cart with rubber stoppers. We usually only need two to do this but we improvised and picked it up from the middle. It was not light, I'll tell you that.
The lady complaining asked who our boss was to the counselor. But she didn't notice us having troubles with the casket luckily. It was the cart that was the problem. I got out of there before I could hear everything. I was in so much of a hurry that I forgot the flowers until Ron said something about them. So we got out and continued to hear the woman irate about what was happening without a tent.
Days like these are not much fun.
I even told that very counselor because she asked what was wrong earlier on that day. I could tell at about 10:00 am, exactly what kind of day I was about to have. I said to her "The way this day is going", "anything that could go wrong, will..."
It's a feeling I get and I didn't even mention everything that happened here. But I think the few thing's I stated might be clear enough. It's numerous thing's, combined all together.
Everyone talking and acting like they want to quit.


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