Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sorry about no pictures. I keep forgetting my camera!
My co-workers all speak of quiting or getting fired. A lot of things are changing, maybe it's for the better?
I call it the "Witness Burial" although that's not what they call it.
It's simply moving the tent over the hole and setting up a memorial area. So people can have their service right were their loved ones are going to be buried. This of course does not come without a cost. I believe it's $100 U.S. dollars extra.
This is only one of the changes, with possibly more to come?

Being a backhoe operator has become somewhat of a burden now.
It's a good thing that Brad (co-worker) and I had switched on and off using the backhoe. Because I really felt the need to take a break from it.
Just a couple days...
I appreciate the break but I could tell earlier,
that it wouldn't be fair to leave all the responsibility on him. He was a little frustrated and I don't blame him. He brought up the fact, after I was supposed to meet him at the grave to dig, but the dump truck didn't want to start. Big Surprise!
It took me about ten minutes just messing with the battery wires on the truck. I even had help, but he gave up about five minutes into it. I don't blame him either. Anyways, he said it gave him time to think about how little we were getting paid to work at a graveyard. And everything we have to deal with.
All I could do is agree.
Yet like every job almost, they expect their employees to bend over backwards and do flips for them?


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