Friday, June 13, 2008

We are now using a lowering device for all of our burials. Today the casket almost fell into the hole because the 116 pound 63 year old woman almost dropped it because it was to heavy for her. She is not fit for the job. I barely held it up. until someone from the other end had to come around and pick up her slack. Luckily no one was witnessing.
It's hard to explain but they want us to lower in the bottom of the vault first. Then use the lowering device which includes pliers to even work it(real professional) and then lower the lid and continue to get three to four loads of dirt from the field to cover it up.
We had 4 burials. Maybe I'll take pictures tomorrow to show you what I mean.
Today may have been the worse day yet for me while working at Mt. Hope.


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