Sunday, March 16, 2008

This is my 100th post to this site.
It's been a long road to be where I'm at.
I'm now the Steward for our particular graveyard, called "Mount Hope Memorial Gardens."
I've been the Steward for over a month or two, which consists of negotiations on how much they pay. It also touches on grievances that a certain employee may come up with, that employee can go to me for any complaint within 2 days of the incident. Instead of always going to the boss, which sometimes may feel more awkward. They can come to their Steward. Even being new to it I have to negotiate with people higher up. Medical,Dental as well. Right now we are really short on workers. It's tough working at a job that barely provides the proper tools and equipment to do the job. But as soon as the backhoe broke down we got a replacement within a couple hours. Good job on getting what we needed there. That day was last Friday March 14. We worked a half hour later than usual. The last hour and a half, was one of the longest parts of the day in a long time. The feeling for me was that day, is my last and it was never going to end...
Certain days are like that though, right?
Anyways, I feel pretty stressed out so far the way this job is going.
I start my vacation yesterday but still I'm unsure if they need me at my job?
I've been holding out this vacation for about 6 months now and I feel I need this!

I'm second guessing myself on if it's even legal for me to take a vacation, short maned and all? I should know this being the Steward?
I feel bad for them working without my help. I thought about calling and knowing for sure if they need my help.
I've really put up with a lot as far as this job goes. But they have me right where they want me? I can't quit knowing it's so hard to find a job in Michigan which is, or was, number 1 in the United States hardest to find a job!On top of that, two city's that I heard were also the worst in the United States were two that are in Michigan.
Which I would think most people would see these things and not want to move here?
I don't blame them. Businesses included.
So I see it as David Shipper is taking a chance as well by buying us after the reputation we've had as a company?
It goes too deep? I could go on for a long time but I have decided I'm done for now.
If you've read this far, seroiusly thanks for reading!!!


Blogger whenn said...

Congratz on the promotion.
And YAY for 100 posts!!!
You're stressing too much again. I'm sure all will work out great. Then again, what do I know?

11:57 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

Hey Whenn,
You were right, I was just stressing out. I think too much.
Thanx, you seem to know what's important.

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it must be the profession! I have pretty much grown up in a cemetery. I could have said the same comments that you did, almost all gravediggers have the same plight.Now that I am superintendent at a large combo on the west coast I have tried to fix most of the common problems we face. The one thing that will never change is the exception to the rule. good luck !!!

9:22 PM  

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