Thursday, December 06, 2007

Things are back to normal with the backhoe operator in action again.
Although I did get good reviews, when I was actually digging and then burying.
But I kind of had the opportunity to where every
family I buried happened to witness? Which is not a opportunity I wanted to face?
Just a little stressing for me...
Without notice, the family wants to see where their loved is going to be set into the ground.
I've got the record I think of a beginner, while a family witnessed. I can only think of maybe one, possibly two times? Where a family or funeral director did not witness. But it's not usually just a funeral director who witnesses?
It's almost always, the whole family!
Well, I guess as I was covering up a particular grave in a garden called Prayer. About 50 people were watching and one guy told one of the other co-workers that he maybe as good as me some day? Not knowing of course that I rarely operate the backhoe.
I clearly heard one of the witnesses say "good job" a few times while he motioned towards me with a thumbs up.
There was a bench that was in the way and when I got out to move it one of the family members insisted on helping to move the bench with another co-worker.
(My chest was sore so I was glad not to pick up anything heavy if I didn't have to)
I'm usually the dump truck operator. But any task in front of me with some practice I tend to thrive.

Not to be too full of myself though, I thought I did a good job!

My boss acknowledge digging two graves before first break is pretty good!
A lot of workers before me would milk it till lunch He said.
I think I may have job security as long as I can show up on time, more often?


Blogger whenn said...

Well done, Pauly! It's cool to receive compliments on on your work, ain't it?
As long as you keep up the good work, I'm sure your boss won't mind you being slightly late most of the time? As a matter of fact, if you really excell, and the boss is really really impressed with you, you can even negotiate starting half and hour or so later? That way you won't be late, and you'll do a good job. Hehe. Anyway... you know?

1:28 AM  

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