Monday, February 26, 2007

Today was a little frustrating. I could tell a couple of co-workers were getting agitated. But once that was over everything was alright.
One thing we had to do is clear the sidewalk out front.
It's got to be over 150 yards in length. Which I've done by myself before but not like this. It was covered with a layer of ice about a half inch thick. With two other guys helping it took up most of the morning.
And then some lady came in complaining. That 6 months ago we supposedly ruined a casket while inserting it into a crypt(which is the mausoleum). I knew right away which one she was talking about without even hearing her. But nothing bad happened to the casket. It may have sounded like it to them because everyone viewing it made some sort of sound like we damaged it. Most of that noise came from the tray it sits on. We have to slide it in using a scissor lift if it's up too high.
We'll see what happens? Probably nothing.

(Click to enlarge pictures to view in more detail)


Blogger Lee said...

Wow! amazing pictures.At least you get something to look at in Michigan in the winter.

6:48 PM  

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