Monday, September 25, 2006

My existence

Life is going by too fast! That happens when I'm working, especially at a cemetary. It reminds me that life is short. It seems there's not enough time to do the things I really want to do. When I finally get home I just want to relax. I don't want to do anything. I guess that it's kinda normal? But I see other people working not just one job but two and they get thing's done. I know for a fact that if I won the lottery or got rich somehow that I would never work another day in my life. Because you know how some people say "Well, I would still have a job to keep myself occupied." Not I though.
I would be one of the laziest people ever! Sure I would like to think I would get bored and end up working but I know myself better than that. I wouldn't do much that's for sure. I don't think I'm meant to have it easy because maybe, just maybe my existence somehow changes enough lives to fix this place called earth? That's speaking pretty highly of my self I know but believe me, we all make a difference in someone's life, no matter how minuscule.

(Now, as long as I keep thinking like this I'll be alright!)


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