Friday, September 01, 2006

My boss helped catch one of the vase thieves. Last night he forgot a 2 liter of pepsi out in his car. Since he lives across the street he decided to check out the cemetary at about dusk. Wearing shorts,slippers, shirt and a cell phone he headed out. Saw one leaving and another looking suspicious. He says when he passed the second one and kept going the guy got a little spooked but realized he wasn't a threat. So the thief proceded to go on with a black sack in his grasp. My boss called the cops and within 3 minutes there were there and caught him as he was pulling out a vase. The cops said he dropped the vase and the black sack and pretended they wern't his by walking away. But it was to late. Totally busted. Although one got away, but who knows how many there are. The only problem my boss had is when he decided to go check out the cemetary, he didn't have his liscense on him. So every time they asked for his name he had to explain that he lives across the street and if he had to, his wife would bring it by, and that he didn't plan on going anywhere. If the cops were patroling at all the last couple of weeks, or the last three or four times we had to call them about this. They would have already caught them. But I have to give them credit for being there so promptly.
I hope this all makes cense because I didn't have much time to type it.


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