Friday, August 25, 2006

The Chinese are interesting people. They leave oranges behind. They also burn insense, and we have little barrels to burn some sort of paper in. They must mourn the dead by doing all this. Who knows how many other rituals they have.

If you look closely above there's a plaque of some sort missing. Someone stole it. This was in the Chinese garden. It was pretty cool. There's also hundreds of vases to put flowers in the cemetary are missing too. What kind of crackhead would steal from the dead. You might of seen the story on the news about the vase theives. They say about 10 vases are worth $100.

We had a 93 year old woman to set into the ground today, and tomarrow is as cremation. It really makes me think twice about how fragile life is working there. My first saturday off will be tomarrow. Finally! So that means I don't have to do it. It's a good thing too because my friends birthday is tomarrow. But of course at the same time someone I work with invited me to his 7th year anniversary with his wife. I wish things didn't happen on the same day all the time. I had to tell him that I had other plans.
I know I'll have fun at my friends birthday.

Peace out everyone.


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