Monday, August 21, 2006

Burried 2 people today.
So far I've helped with 3 infants,4 cremations and I'll have to check but I would guess about 25 to 30 people all together. Maybe even more? I'll have to update that.

I'm part of the "grounds" crew. I fix Tombstones(or "markers" is what they call them) if they need to be raised or as needed, install them into the ground with a shovel.

We don't dig the holes for the body by hand but with a backhoe. I haven't had the chance of operating that yet but I'm told I will.

I'm not freaked out by it or anything, that is, dealing with the dead. I never actually see the bodys. I help load the casket into the back of the hearse to take it to the grave. Then we carefully lower it into a large stone container called a vault,(four of us)we put the lid on and then hook up metal straps around it we take it to the hole and carefully lower it in. Everything is done with the backhoe except lowering the casket into the stone container. At the end we allow people to shovel a little dirt if they wish, and or drop a couple flowers. Thats if they want to view the burial. Which makes me a little nervous because the last thing I want to do is make anyone there mad at me for burying thier loved one. None of them have got mad though.

I've worked there almost a month. Everyone is very nice that works there. I appreciate their kindness because I know being the new guy, they could make it hard on me. I'll say one thing I never thought I would be doing this!


Blogger Gattina said...

Gee, what a sad job for a young man ! But as you told in your profile you love laughing. At least that is good !

11:52 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

gattina-it's not so sad luckily!
Instead everyone that works there is on high spirits which helps things along, and it keeps me in a better mood for sure. I like the comment though, because it is true. I do love to laugh.

I'am not a morning person. Thats the only problem I see.

9:30 PM  

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